Content strategy

Thanks to our experience in journalism and communications, can lead or support the process of creation, adjustment, and implementation of an organisation’s content strategy. From determining the goals and target audience to the actual content design and planning, we’re well-positioned to oversee, create, and execute on content strategies.

Public speaking, MC

Over the years, we’ve come on stage of dozens of conferences, meetups, and other events to talk about the European technology ecosystem, media communications for startups, the future of media, and other topics, as well as to interview some of the most prominent European entrepreneurs, VCs, and corporate leaders. We’re open for further public speaking engagements, including keynotes, fireside chats, panel moderation, event hosting, etc.

Writing and editing

The writers of have been covering technology, startups, and everything in between for print and online media for over 10 years. Journalistic commissioned stories, profiles, company website copy, guest columns, reviews, and everything in between — we’ve written it all, and happy to do it again. In addition to that, we can offer editing of written pieces to make the copy as clean and concise as possible.

Podcast distribution

Leveraging our experience in the area, we can oversee (but also provide hands-on support for) the podcast distribution process. That includes creating unique content for social media, engaging show notes and descriptions, as well as audio ads to run on other shows, and so on.

Podcast (co-)hosting’s founder Andrii Degeler had hosted the Podcast from 2018 to 2021, and got a lot of experience in hosting a show, including writing episode scripts, interviewing guests, and assessing the final tracks.

Podcast production can lead or support the whole life cycle of podcast creation, from the initial idea to episode planning and scripting, including all the nitty-gritty of choosing the hosting and managing artwork and other collateral. We can also lead the recording process with professional-grade audio equipment, as well as take care of audio editing.